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Lost all progress

I lost all my zen plants and mini-games after installing the latest update :( no way i do everything again...

Plants VS Zombies

There ia a bug on the game that every spot where there was supposed to have something written, there is a "missing", therefore is almost impossible to play! Please, fix that bug as quick as possible, we users miss the game!


Please fix the game!!!!

Whats happening with the text

It does not show the text in My game! Aways show <missing> in text boxes. :/

Best game ever!!

PvZ S2

Advertising in a paid-for App is disappointing

I had not played this game for a while but have always been drawn more to it than Vers. 2. However, to open the game and be faced with advertising for some other game that I would be forced to click out of to play Plants vs Zombies, again, which I paid for to avoid random advertising, is a no go for me and I have now trashed this game. This seems to be the popular thing to do nowadays and I am sure plenty of users simply click though and out of those popovers but I am not one of them. Very disappointed in PopCap for this tactic because it really spoils an otherwise great game.


Love the game but new app date now doesnt safe your progress in vase breaker endless. So frustrating. Please help . Maybe a new app date.

Great game but one flaw

Love this game. Thanks for updating. However it does not save in level progress. If I exit the game I have to start the level over from beginning, selecting plant, planting etc. It also doesnt save the progress of the mini games like vase breaker etc. Please fix.

Hfs save

Great game. Needs more levels though, I finished in just a few days.

Optimize for iphone 6/6+

I love that you have updated the game so I can play it on my 6plus. But there are a few glitches, portal combat game it crashes once it relocates and the endless games (vase breaker and last stand) it does not save the game, it resets every time. Please fix thank you


Love it but it keeps on crashing at level 2-4 needs an up dad or something.

Used to be 5 stars

Now it keeps crashing. On my 4th gen and 5th gen iPods and on my iPad from iOS 6 to 9 it keeps crashing, ridiculous.

Still a great game. Probably gonna be ignored forever though.

Level 2-4 is an immediate hard crash everytime. Plzfix


I honestly think that this is better than PVZ 2. I LOVE THIS GAME! WORTH 1.99!

Fix the issue

It keeps crashing after clicking on Adventure. I cant play the game anymore. Im on iPhone 5.

Needs fixing

Every time I get to the 4 night level the game crashes I restarted my phone and re downloaded but every time I get to that level it crashes please fix!


I paid for this game yet every five minutes it crashes what the hell seriously? I mise well get the free version! So stupid I cannot believe I wasted my money. So very upset.

Wont load past loading screen

Love this game, however once I hit load adventure the app force closes and I. Cannot find a way around, pretty terrible for something I paid for. Will fix rating when app works again :)

Awesome, but needs fixing

While playing the mini game "Portal Combat" on my Iphone 5s on IOS 10, Whenever the portals relocate, my game crashes. Please fix!

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