Plants vs. Zombies App Reviews

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Great game!

Great game! Fun gameplay, good mini-games, campaign and the soundtrack is phenomenal, a must get game to kill time :) 10/10

Cant transfer progress

Great game but progress isnt cloud based and therefore is not transferable to my iPad.


Why the hell isnt endless mode here?

Over 3 years...still playing this

Thanx for great game. Problem: Ios 10.1 Ver 1.9.13 Portal combat in mini games App crashed !

Fix Portal Combat!

Portal Combat still crashes every time. Fix this issue!

No sound

Great game, but I get no sound except for when I put in headphones. My volume is set to max on my iphone SE, and my game. FWI Im using ios 9.3.5

Not as good as it used to be.

Buggy and crashes a lot(like in the portal mini game). After reloading the game all progress was lost and now I need thousands of coins to buy back all the stuff I used to have.

Portal mini game crashes during first move

Did you guys ruin the game on purpose? The portal mini game crashes when the portals move for the first time and theres no way around it. I dont want to delete and reload because Im afraid I will lose my progress. Please fix this terrible bug

Error with teleport lvl

Pls fixed this error, thanks for game!

Bugs fixed

Super excited! I can play endless games again!

Brilliant game with deadly bug!

Please fix the game! The teleport mini game doesnt work!


I love all the PVZ games you guys make. Whoever hates this game is CRAZY!

Please fix Portal Combat Bug

This game is great. Im totally addicted and I love it but I can not get all of the achievements. The portal combat mini game keeps crashing and closing the game right when the portals are suppose to change places. Can you please fix this bug. Thank you!

Glitches, crashes

Vase breaker, slot machine, and portal combat are broken. Any game mode that has a plant tile appear in the field of play will automatically plant as soon as you touch it, not allowing you to place it where you want to. Portal combat crashes the app whenever the portals move, making this mini-game completely unbeatable. How about instead of adding advertisements and in-app purchases to a fully paid for game, you fix your bugs? Thanks EA.

Update needed

Love the game. When playing the portal mini game the app crashes, can you fix this please!

Portal combat crash

Fix this and Ill fix my rating! You guys have been told about this issue countless times. Do your customers not matter to you????

i want korean language plz!

i want korean language plz! very fun!

Great but need update

I could not play mini adventure changing portals battle. Please update the game to fix this issue.

Ads and bugs! Need fix!

Even though you paid for the game, everytime you start the game an annoying ad will appear. Also many features of PC version of pvz are missing in iOS version. Even they charge gold for almost all the mini-games aside adventure mode, you wouldnt find the survival mode, which is the most enjoyable game mode of pvz. I suppose its bcz survival mode is such an easy way to loot coins which they are trying to sell for real money. Also the game crashes all the time in the portal mini-game, which makes it impossible to get all the achievements. For ppl who cannot tolerate an unachievable end game like me, this really need a fix.

Take off the ads.

Everything is great with the latest update. Take off the ads please.

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